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The Last Tour. 2-4 December.
My files got munged in an ISP switch so I'm trying to remember what I wrote about this trip way back in December.

Thursday night we were back at Mac's Bar in Lansing MI. We played with some really awful college bands called The Electric Death Chickens and Vulture Island (or something... does it matter). We played well and as usual no one really gave a shit. Our friend Pants Mulligan was there so that was cool. We got pretty drunk afterwards for two reasons: 1) Mac's had some good beer on tap and 2) we needed to dull our senses to the awful frat rock emanating from the stage.

Friday found us in Flint MI at the Metropolis. It was a cool club but began to realize what kind of night it was going to be when one of the other bands, Flipgate, showed up with their brand new trailer emblazoned with a new-rock-radio-style logo. They were a local band that had been together for three months and, get this, they had laminates for their entire crew: Flipgate-Band, Flipgate-Management, Flipgate-Crew... We talked to a few kids before the show and started to get worried. "You don't sound like Korn? they asked. "Why are you playing here then?" The booking guy, Joel, took care of us though and we rocked in return. (Sorry about overflowing the toilet, Joel.) Most people there had no idea what to make of us, though there were a few notable exceptions who lavished praise on us after the show. I sat alone by the merch for the rest of the night trying to tune out Rage Against the Limp Korn Bizkit tearing it up (yo) on stage. The guitarist even had one of those 7-string Ibanez Korn guitars, fer chrissakes. Nice fellow that he was, Joel put us up at his immaculate apartment where we checked our e-mail and played with his puppy.

Saturday, we hooked up with our friends Saraswati in Indianapolis. We hung at Matt's house and ate pizza before heading down to the show. The Melody Inn was pretty packed and we rocked. At the time no one realized that it was our last show. I guess I kinda knew but it just felt like a really aggressive and precise show. Autumn Rising played first and have improved considerably since we played with them a few years ago. Their Louisville hardcore roots are now filtered through some sort of Dischord-esque angularity and really impressed me. Saraswati proved that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with. The addition of more pastoral interludes to their ferocious math rock kicked me in the ass once again. Earlier in the evening I'd gotten bad news from home so we had to load up the van after the show and drive all the way back to Wisconsin.

And so it ends. Pretty anticlimactic. No farewell show, no reminiscing. We just did what we'd done 120 times before: play our songs, pack up, and drive home. So long.


And the rest is history...
1998-1999: Bass player #3 going strong
1997: Jon (new guy) Terrones, bass player #3
1996-1997: Mark C. Lea II, bass player #2
1995-1996: Leif Erickson, bass player #1

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