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Live '97

18 October, Saturday.
Eli's Mile High, Wausau WI

The fact that I developed the stomach flu on the way home put just the right touch on the evening. »

16 October, Thursday.
O'Cayz Corral, Madison WI

For some reason, a bunch of burned-out metal dudes stood around the front of the stage and seemed fascinated with Jerry's 28-inch kick drum. »

10-12 October.
Four shows, three days, WAY too many miles...

A scene from The Blues Brothers kept flashing through my mind: outside Bob's Country Bunker, the band says "You sure this is the place, Jake?" To which Jake replies, "Yeah, yeah; sure this is the place. It'll be great." »

6 October, Monday.
The Warehouse, LaCrosse WI

We played first to a sparse crowd that seemed kinda confused by all the starts and stops, time signature changes, dynamics, feedback, songs flowing into each other... »

12 September, Friday.
O'Cayz Corral, Madison WI

Aside from a fly that kept landing on my fingers and nose, it was a good set. »

6 September, Saturday.
7th Street Entry, Minneapolis

I was a little bleary by about 5:30 a.m. While everyone else slept, I was seeing Pterodactyls wheeling over the road in front of me. »

31 August, Sunday.
A House, Madison WI

I had to keep rolling my eyeballs around to try and see out of the one unfogged spot. »

1 August, Friday.
O'Cayz Corral, Madison WI

We got done with our 30-minute, non-stop set and the place just exploded. »

24 July, Thursday.
The Mango Grill, Madison WI

It was our first show with our new bass player Jon. Well-executed and loads of fun, it was a sign of good things to come. I can't wait to write new songs. »

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