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Live '96 and '97

6 June 1997, Friday.
Fun Luvin', Appleton WI

There's an actual "real" venue in the basement, but the upstairs looks like some sort of Goodwill furniture store with a tiny little counter at the front serving cappuccinos and slushies (reported by many in our camp to be the best slushies ever). »

5 June 1997, Thursday.
The Slant House, Madison WI

While I didn't expect tearful goodbyes or anything, I was surprised at how utterly normal these shows felt. »

25 April, Friday.
O'Cayz Corral, Madison WI

I was thinking to myself, "Man, this is a really weird song." »

29 March, Saturday.
The Safari, Des Moines IA

The Safari is a big rock club with a huge stage, massive PA, and a sound man with a flashlight in a holster. »

14 March, Friday.
The Razor Room, Madison WI

Half way through the song, Mark and I started to feel like rock star jerks. Later, we vowed never to play an encore again. »

14 February, Friday.
O'Cayz Corral, Madison WI

Maybe it's the lack of vitamin D or Seasonal Affective Disorder or what, but I could barely drag myself to this show. »

16-19 January.
The Frozen Midwest Mini-Tour

Once again, we kissed our audience goodbye. »

2 January, Thursday.
7th Street Entry, Minneapolis

I just have to say at this point that Hot Karl is the silliest name for a death metal band I've ever heard. »

31 December, New Year's Eve.
O'Cayz Corral, Madison WI

Jerry had drum hardware flying in his face for the entire set and just about killed himself trying to hit the mysterious moving cymbal. »

6 December, Friday.
O'Cayz Corral, Madison WI

Still recovering from the flu, the pall of smoke in O'Cayz just about caused me to cough up a lung. »

22 November, Friday.
The Lighthouse, Eau Claire WI

Crawling along the Interstate at 30 mph gives you plenty of time to think, "what the hell?" »

16 November, Saturday.
The Catacombs, Madison WI

I half-expected the preist to tell me I could forget about reincarnation if I didn't acquiesce (or say I'd come back as a slug or something). »

8 November, Friday.
The Mission, Stevens Point WI

It's a nice place to play but it feels more like a suburban basement rec room than a proper venue. »

1-2 November.
O'Cayz Corral, Madison WI
Eli's Mile High, Wausau WI

We played a good set marred only by a drunken "fan" who insisted on yanking on my leg, screaming at the top of his lungs during the very quiet "Oncology," and generally getting in my face for the entire show. »

4 October, Friday.
O'Cayz Corral, Madison WI

We opened the show to a large number of folks who had been swilling the free Huber. »

15 September, Sunday.
Willy Street Fair, Madison WI

I explained that I flailed at my guitar like spaz and tried not to fall over. »

24 August, Saturday.
O'Cayz Corral, Madison WI

Much of Jerry's bad attitude was caused by the destruction of two snare drums, including one that didn't belong to him. »

16 August, Friday.
O'Cayz Corral, Madison WI

Broken strings entail using unfamiliar instruments and fiddling around with messed up amp settings for the rest of the show. »

15 August, Thursday.
P is Fer Punk House, Madison WI

The night wasn't exactly the advertised "Boys Hollering Over Loud Guitars Show," but it was a good one. »

10 August, Saturday.
The Lighthouse, Eau Claire WI

The club was huge with a two-level stage (it used to be a metal bar). »

9 August, Friday.
Eli's Mile High, Wausau WI

It was pretty weird to have metal kids stage diving and moshing while we played. »

27 July, Saturday.
The Chamber, Madison WI

I dunno if people were there to see us or whether the middle slot worked in our favor. »

18 June, Tuesday.
The Chamber, Madison WI

Mark is definitely holding his own and I think I've got the technical difficulties with my Tube Driver licked. »

14 June, Friday.
Circuits, Chicago

It was a very cool little club with a mosh barricade in front of the postage stamp-sized stage. »

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