Pound WI = Noisecore gone heartache.

The press passes judgement.

I've Got a Terrible Secret CD
A dramatic dissection of self at home on any Slint record — it's really that good... — Al Ritchie, Rockpile »

Pound WI have morphed into an entirely different entity after abandoning the stop-start assault they'd inherited from Chicago noise-rock heroes Big Black and Tar... — Tom Laskin, The Isthmus »

One of the finest local albums I've heard to date... — Kaya Richmond, The Badger Herald »

11 tracks of pure noisy rock... — Ontario Music »

Throwing Nickels: A CCR Tribute
I never cared much for "Lodi." Pound WI made me look again... River Rising, CCR mailing list »

Waxwing EP
Enriching their earlier Big Black style wtih vocal hooks and more controlled guitar damage...
— Tom Laskin, Isthmus »

Amazing overlapping guitar noise... — AAM Sunday Service »

Perseverance in the Face of Reason 7-inch
The band has evolved nicely during the last few years, going from Shellac-influenced dirges to more angular and thoughtful songs, similar to what Unwound has gone through. A very nice next step for one of Wisconsin's brightest hopes... — Milk »

Mid-distorted guitars build up to what eventually sounds like all of the guitars literally shaving the distortion off of each other... — 10 Things »

This trio dishes out AmRep-style ferocity by keeping a tight grip on all things distorted... — Magnet »

Before power for power's sake was the main thrust, here the outbursts are more controlled and calculated... — Aiding & Abetting »

Pound WI demonstrate both their emulation of bands like Unwound and Slint as well as their ability to create sounds that are wholly their own... — Badger Herald »

They have been saying that this is a lot like Shellac... — Punk Planet »

Shut 'er down, Clancy. She's pumpin' mud... CD
Introspective, provocative indie-rock that rocks mightily but isn't afraid to whisper... — The Razor List »

Not-quite-emo and not-quite-noise-rock... — 10 Things »

The venerable Madison band is about more than just laying down heavy riffs and foot-stomping choruses... — Rhythm »

Pound WI spend more time concentrating on subtle textures and truly interactive ensemble work... — Tom Laskin, Isthmus »

This is rock action as rock action should be, with tons o' staying power... — Etch Magazine »

Loud, distorted and complex guitar work... — Maximum Ink »

Wisconsin 7-inch
Totally intriguing — it's hard, it's soft, it's thick, it dwindles... — Spank »

The niftiest guitar feedback since Gang Of Four's "To Hell With Poverty"... — Jim Santo's Demo Universe »

Chicagoland heaviness via Madison, Wisconsin... — Etch Magazine »

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