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Saraswati. Great band from Indy and friends of ours to boot.
Rainer Maria. Midwest emo queens. Lovely kids, really.
Shiner. KCMO post-punk kingpins. On DeSoto Records.
Killdozer. The late, great 'dozer from Madison.
Poster Children. Rose's tour reports are great.
TAR. The late, lamented Tar with more cool tour diaries.
Kill Creek. Hilarious site with yet more tour diaries.
The Billions Corporation. Boche is a booking agent who handles mucho kewl bands.
Indie Music Hub. Name says it all, don't you think?
Southern Records. Tour and release info for bands along the T&G/Dischord axis.
Big Black. Albini does the tour diary thing.

No Karma Records. Nice kids from Milwaukee. They like us. They help us out. Gotta luv 'em.
Caulfield. Great punk/emo from Lincloln NE. Home of Giants Chair and Sideshow.
Goldenrod Records. Home of Cars Get Crushed.
Crank! A Record Company. Boys Life. Mineral. Vitreous Humor.
Lovitt Records. They put out the Monorchid LP so they gots to be cool.
Interplanetary Truckers Union. An up and comer. Home of Flu 13.
DeSoto Records. Run by Jawbox. Home of Shiner, Burning Airlines, and Compound Red.
Revelation Records. HC supreme.
Urinine Records. They put out some of our records, donchaknow?
Troubleman Unlimited. Quality punk rock, all the way 'round.
My Pal God Records. A Chicago staple. Home of the late Hurl.
Polyvinyl Records. Danville Illinois? Home of Rainer Maria, Braid, Paris TX.
Amphetamine Reptile. The venerable, old noise label. Home to Lowercase so still very much worth your while.

Pillowfight RecordViews. Well-written reviews of cool music. Very nice indeed. Even though they gave us a crappy review.
Punk Planet. The venerable Chicago zine.
10 THINGS Zine. This guy walks the walk and talks the talk. From Seattle.
Suck. This'll make you think. Extremely well-written.
Rocket Fuel Fanzine. An E-zine with a decidedly emo bent. Quite a community.
Aiding and Abetting. Reviews galore.
Boombox. Do It Yourself. Great Albini/Weston interview.

Music Resources
CD Man. CD broker in Canada. They did a great job for us: great prices, good service, and fast.
Newsgroup: alt.music.4-track. DIY all the way.
IndieCentre. Record and CD manufacturing resources.
DETERRENT DIY TOUR MANUAL. Invaluable resource for booking shows.
An Introductory Mechanics Guide To Putting Out Records, Cassettes, And CDs. Beautifully written by the women at Simple Machines. The title says it all. Insightful.
Underground Railroad. Networking punk rock style... hoo boy!
Racer Records. Worth a read just to see her take on the record biz. Sample contracts that might help you out of a scrape.
Sticker Guy. Everyone uses this outfit for stickers. Cheap and fast.

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