Pound WI = Noisecore gone heartache.

Smart-aleck answers to some pertinent questions.

How the heck do I pronounce that "WI" at the end of your name?
Pound WI is pronounced Pound Wisconsin. (Not Pound-wee, no matter what anyone tells you.) Oh, and I hate to get picky, but there's no comma in the name either.

OK, but what does it mean?
Well, it has nothing to do with our new international rock star status. Actually, there are Pounds in NYC and Seattle and San Francisco and there used to be one in Chicago. (And don't even get me started on the crappy alterna-band that has a record out on Island.) When we found out, we already had a few releases out so we didn't really want to give up the name. So we decided to append our postal code. I find this especially ironic given the history of British acts that have had to augment their names: Charlatans UK, the London Suede, the English Beat. Plus, to most people outside of the Midwest, Wisconsin is cows and hayseeds; it somehow makes the whole thing more perverse (much to our delight). Of course, the clincher was when we discovered that there actually is a town in northern Wisconsin called... Pound.

What's this business about noise?
We're too noisy for a lot of folks, but not noisy enough for some. It's still rock all right: it's got riffs and beats and verses (sometimes). But the way I see it, if you can't make your guitar sound like a machine sometimes, what's the point?

So it's just a bunch of screaming and feedback?
Not really. There's a lot of feedback but sometimes there are vocal melodies. Some songs are pretty dynamic with quiet, introspective parts and some are just full-on bash.

Noisecore gone heartache? Do you guys play "Achey Breaky Heart" with a big muff or something?
Actually it's an phrase coined by our friend Kyle of Rainer Maria. He put it on a poster for a show we were playing at his house with Regulator Watts. It seemed kinda fitting so we adopted it.

You guys think you're punk, huh?
If I have to tell to my grandmother about my band (or combo as she insists), I'll say punk. At least she gets my drift. We have nothing in common with Green Day. After all, if Unwound is punk, then so are we.

So now you think you're as good as Unwound?
Hardly. Just trying to make a point.

What bands should I like if I'm gonna like you guys?
Well, there's the crunching of Tar and Big Black. Then there's the pastoral side of bands like Codeine. And of course there's the seminal noise of Sonic Youth and Gang of Four. And maybe the latent metalisms of folks like The Melvins. Which is not to say that we approach the greatness of any of the above-mentioned outfits, but we're worth a whirl nonetheless.

You got anything out?
Product? You want product?
  2 full-length CDs
  1 split CD-EP
  2 seven-inches
  4 appearances on various compilations

Are you guys stuck-up, ego-ridden rock stars?
Actually, we're pretty normal -- but probably geekier than you'd expect. We'd love to hear from you. We write back!
  c/o Flannel Jammies Music
  7043 Lake Road
  Windsor WI 53532
...or better yet, email us

You can't make a living playing that stuff can you?
Are you kidding? We're all computer weenies. Why do you think we take a laptop on the road?

When's the last time you updated this darn thing?
This FAQ was last tweaked on 17 June 1999.
The show listing is updated all the time.

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