Russell Emerson Hall
Status Board
A display hub keeping tabs on support, development, sales, and infrastructure metrics. (This status board is not publically available.)
Rich Internet Application
SocialSense is a SaaS built for marketers and researchers. It uses analyzes social-media conversation to provide a new source for consumer intelligence. (SocialSense is a subscription-based service; a video walk-through is available.)
Corporate Web Site
Networked Insights is a small tech startup working on social-media analytics software and tools.
E-Commerce Site
Re-architecture of shopping site, complete redesign of site supporting experiential retail, and implementation of enterprise search for American Girl.
Indie-Rock Site
An attempt to brand noiserock band The United Sons of Toil using their philosophical underpinnings.
Site-Building Application
Before Google Calendar and Tumblr, this site-building tool allowed district managers for a large insurance company to create personal intranet sites. (The DMDX tool is an intranet application and not publicly available.)
Heavily modified/hacked Wordpress site created as a labor of love: Long before the term was created and certainly before any tools and plugins, I was "blogging" about my girls: Crumbcrunchers and LillyWeb.
Digital Blur is a personal photo gallery made obsolete by Flickr.
Music and Sound Design
Computer-assembled soundscapes and songs built from samples, sounds, machines, and guitars.
A series of short articles (technical and otherwise) constructed using the English language and a text editor.