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New Stuff 15 May 2007
New photos
Look for a new design, more frequent updates and more photos; coming this summer (I hope). In the meantime, I've dug out from under the backlog of photos and posted Fall, Winter, and Spring shots including Christmas and the very Martha-Stewart-like Maypole Birthday Party. Feast your eyes...

11 September 2006
New spring and summer photos
Birthdays came and went this spring. The summer saw the girls spending a lot of time swimming. Seems like they both picked up some additional fashion-model sensibilities as of late. Take a look...

31 January 2006
New photos are up
Yes, finally new photos are up. Take a look at stuff from Fall, Halloween, and Christmas. Also, Maeve has not been a good girl at daycare...

24 January 2006
Trying to catch up
So much for New-Year's resolutions; I've gotten my self almost two months behind on journal entries. I think I've been able to capture the essence of the Hall girls over Christmas and the new year...

04 December 2005
Words to live by
Falling down on my journal entries, I resort to listing quotations from the girls in an attempt to capture the essence of the last month.
Out of the mouths of babes...

11 November 2005
Birthdays, Grandparents, Halloween
If the idea of a Halloween costume is to scare people, Lilly succeeded. Maeve gets more affectionate. The whole story...

14 October 2005
Suddenly, lucidity
Overnight, Maeve suddenly begins speaking in clear, concise, and complete sentences. She promptly uses this new-found power to scold Poppa...

07 October 2005
Cruel, cruel world
Maeve is cranky and inconsolable, Lilly laments the new shows that never arrive, and Poppa worries about his girls in a sick world.
Share the traumas...

23 September 2005
Holding court
At five years old, Lilly is already the kind of "popular girl" who wouldn't look twice at me in high school. How did this happen?

16 September 2005
No matter what I do, they keep growing
Lilly chats up the boys; Maeve corrects her parents. Get the whole story...

09 September 2005
Fear for the future
I can already tell we are going to have our hands full once these kids hit the teenage years. How can I tell?...

07 September 2005
Summer Pictures now up.
Maeve is wild. Lilly is gorgeous.
But don't just take my word for it...

02 September 2005
Lillian Hall, Kindergartner.
All the anticipation is over.
Lilly is off to school...

26 August 2005
Help me be good.
Lilly learns a lesson about lying. Maeve wants to know why (about everything).
Read about the trauma and the triumph...

19 August 2005
Maeve goes "WAH."
She most definitely is NOT singing. Lilly gets ready for school and laments that Poppa works to much. Get the scoop...

28 July 2005
Maeve = daredevil; Lilly = girly-girl
Due to some extenuating circumstances, I've been remiss in my blogging duties. I've tried to recall some of the highlights over the last month as well as some of the rather more mundane details (which are, after all, what make life worth living).
June: In which Maeve is a daredevil...
July: In which Lilly is a girly-girl...

17 June 2005
Fords visit; Hall family vacation
Grandpa, Nanny, Aunt Sandra and cousin Aidan visit for Memorial day. Lilly is crushed when Aidan leaves. She is consoled somewhat when the Halls rent a vacation house in the Dells and she spends a week with her cousins Adam and Sarah. Maeve, however, screams every night. Read all about the "vacation"...

27 May 2005
"kuh - kuh - HAR."
Maeve's language skills still lag behind her independence and stubbornness. Read more...

19 May 2005
Pony party; Yes, a real pony.
We blow out all the stops for the girls' birthdays. Maeve moves to a new room at daycare and gets her Nuk yanked all in the same week. Follow along at home.

12 May 2005
Lilly's monumental fifth birthday; Maeve's first visit to the hospital.
Lilly has birthday #5 and loose tooth #1 (and thinks she's all grown up now); Maeve goes to the ER (and scares the hell out of us). Gory details...

06 May 2005
More milestones
Maeve successfully uses the potty and Lilly successfully ties her shoe laces. Oh yeah... and sibling rivalry turns physical. Get all the details.

22 April 2005
"How's my little fellow doing?"
Maeve and Lilly are fascinated by Rain the tadpole.

07 April 2005
Maeve the bruiser.
We got a note sent home from daycare... plus Easter and spring are upon us. Read more.

21 March 2005
Christmas/Winter photos posted.
Yeah, yeah, yeah... Better late than never, OK?

21 March 2005
My eyes are out of the glass.
Lilly keeps growing and masters her letters. Maeve eats, talks, and pushes kids out of her way. Read more.

04 March 2005
Pink eye.
Maeve succumbs while Lilly stays healthy and feisty. Maeve's progress astounds me.

18 February 2005
Be my Valentine.
I love my girls, but sometimes they try my patience.

04 February 2005
Dazed and Confused.
Lilly is worries about Poppa; Maeve worries about Hank eating her toys. Read more.

28 January 2005
Snow days.
We are in the throes of winter. Lilly sleds; Maeve keeps growing up.

21 January 2005
A harrowing Christmas journey.
Ice storms and collisions couldn't dampen the Hall girls' Christmas spirit.

21 December 2004
Maeve becomes a real person.
She's more aware and communicative and utters her first real sentence.

13 December 2004
Fall photos.
No, no injuries; autumn pictures.

10 December 2004
Maeve is pukey.
Lilly is jealous?

03 December 2004
Nanny and Grandpa and Thanksgiving.
Lilly's tummy was excited and she couldn't sleep. Read about the visit...

19 November 2004
More than cherubic.
Maeve has her 18-month checkup; Lilly is all about buttons and Ks. Get the scoop...

12 November 2004
The scariest Poppa.
When I asked her why, she answered matter-of-factly "because your hair sticks up"...

03 November 2004
Maeve walks.
At nearly 17 months, little Maeve finally just gets up and walks...

01 October 2004
"Sky! Sky!"
Maeve stands and talks. Lilly has a hard time with Tuesdays. Find out why...

24 September 2004
"I'm dreaming."
Should a four-year-old be able to grasp the Matrix-like concept of false realities? Spooky...

17 September 2004
"My tummy feels like puke."
Lilly's had bad dreams, crankiness, and illness. It's been a rough week...

10 September 2004
Maeve stands on her own.
Maeve suprises us all by suddenly standing up. Both girls transition to new daycare classrooms. Get the details...

03 September 2004
Gifts and stealing.
The girls get lots of gifts from the Roberts girls; Lilly and Momma steal an ear of corn.
Say what?

27 August 2004
Whooping cough?
Lilly was sent home from daycare with a letter from the health department. Maeve uses a spoon; Lilly reads. No test results yet...

20 August 2004
Maeve evolves; our kitchen devolves.
Temper, temper...

16 August 2004
New photos posted.
Some new summer photos are now up.

13 August 2004
Sneaking around.
Momma goes out of town; Poppa and the girls sneak around...

06 August 2004
Inbred carny mayhem.
The circus comes to town; Maeve walks and talks. Details...

23 July 2004
Cut the pickle.
Lilly misses her Poppa; the girls bring home games and injuries from daycare...

16 July 2004
Maeve finally speaks.
At 14 months, Maeve finally utters her first words. And the words were...

09 July 2004
Mave moves; Lilly freaks.
A tale of crawling, walking, and really loud fireworks. Read all about it...

02 July 2004
Gut-wrenching spirituality.
Lilly stomach upset doesn't dampen her pagan spirit. Maeve doesn't want to sit still.
More information...

18 June 2004
Entries about eating.
Maeve devours beans, mosquitos devour Lilly. All the gory details...

15 June 2004
Spring photos are finally up.
Now that summer is upon us, take a look at how we spent our spring, including two birthdays in May.

11 June 2004
After this it will be winter.
Lilly knows what the change of seasons mean. Maeve has all sorts of rashes.
Read on if you dare...

10 June 2004
New photos coming soon.
People have been complaining that there have been no new photos in quite some time. I have my computer back on the premises now so you all can expect a boatload of of pictures next week. I promise.

04 June 2004
The long, languorous breath of sleep.
Before I go to bed, I always check on the girls...

28 May 2004
Attention deficit.
Lilly tries to come to grips with the fact that Maeve is here to stay...

20 May 2004
Maeve's first birthday (and first step).
Poppa marvels how his life has changed.
On the inside...

13 May 2004
Lilly's fourth birthday.
Nanny and Grandpa come for Lilly's birthday; Maeve recovers from illness. Get the scoop...

30 April 2004
Yer blues.
Lilly sits in with the Cash Box Kings. Maeve blows Poppa's mind. More details...

23 April 2004
"I can't imagine that."
Maeve grinds her teeth, trys to dress herself, and continues to crawl. More details...

13 April 2004
Lilly learns to ride; Maeve learns to crawl.
No, really...

25 March 2004
Work those muscles!
Lilly parties and plays. Maeve gets feisty. Details...

19 March 2004
Finally, Maeve is crawling.
Well, sort of...

03 March 2004
Growth of all sorts.
Maeve is one fat baby and we have the pictures to prove it. Lilly feels the weight of the world on her shoulders. Find out more...

13 February 2004
The whole family comes down with a cold. Lilly claims to have a broken heart. Maeve rolls over, finally. Details this way...

05 February 2004
Brain in an Exersaucer.
At eight-and-a-half months, Maeve shows no interest in moving on her own. Lilly is behaving superbly, but admits she gets confused.
Get to the bottom of this.

27 January 2004
Breaking the law.
Much to Lisa's chagrin, I've taught Lilly how to "throw the horns."

21 January 2004
"Like sharks sliding next to each other in the water..." Lilly is too smart.

16 January 2004
Exasperating at times...
Lilly tests our patience. Maeve fights off an illness. Share our pain.

09 January 2004
Christmas Pictures.
Gorgeous girls celebrating Christmas in New York and Wisconsin. Feast your eyes.

06 January 2004
The New Year.
We hit the party circuit hard in the new year. Maeve claps and shows how big she is.
Find out everything.

31 December 2003
Lilly and Maeve pull in the loot on a long trip to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Lilly writes her name. Maeves claps her hands. Get all the details.

17 December 2003
Feverish times.
Both Lilly and Maeve succumb to a fever (though not, thankfully, the flu). Lilly obssesses over her toes. You need to know more.

09 December 2003
It's hard being a kid.
Lilly struggles with being good. Fat little Maeve is always compared to her big sister.
How fat is she?

04 December 2003
Thanksgiving celebration; Christmas preparation.
Lilly has the Christmas spirit. Maeve has Roseola. Say what?

26 November 2003
Lilly gets a handle on things.
Lilly's behavior and night fright are improving. She doesn't whack her baby sister too much. Details? Get your details.

19 November 2003
Trip to Indy
I uploaded a few new pictures from our Indianapolis road trip.

17 November 2003
Maeve keeps growing; Lilly keeps talking.
Maeve has her six-month checkup and starts on cereal. Lilly entertains us with stream-of-consciousness narration. You know you want the details.

14 November 2003
Frights: Halloween and otherwise.
Nanny and Grandpa come for a halloween visit. Maeve gets her first tooth and Lilly gets a glowing report card. Get the details.

05 November 2003
New fall and summer photos.
See just how sweet Maeve is and just how defiant and wild Lilly is. Take a peek.

24 October 2003
Maeve rolls over; Lilly rattles off the one-liners.
Lilly spouts things that have us in stitches. Maeve's cough seems to be due to a sinus infection; not that she cares. Get the full run-down.

15 October 2003
The girls' progress continues apace.
Maeve moves to the nursery but Lilly is scared of monsters at bedtime. Lilly's language and reasoning skills have grown by leaps and bounds; Maeve is getting there. The rabies shots are complete. Find out more.

19 September 2003
Sickness and disease in the house.
Maeve gets the stomach flu and brings down the whole household. Get the details.
Lilly has a cavity filled; Maeve and Momma start rabies treatment. What's up with that?

27 August 2003
Lilly loves water AND her little sister.
A few weeks of stress, chaos, and full schedules has prevented me from updating the diaries. I've recounted what I can remember about pool parties, daycare woes, and the latest vist from Nanny and Grandpa. Read the accounts.

07 August 2003
Lilly sees the "perfect" concert; Maeve starts daycare. New summer photos are up.
Lilly watches Poppa rock out and spies some amazing birds. Despite her mother's fears, Maeve has absolutely no problems at daycare. Read the diary entries. Also updated: Maeve's current stats and a boatload of summer photos.

01 August 2003
Lilly gets wet; Maeve is the best baby.
Lilly hits the slides at the water park, goes to a birthday party and gets a visit from her cousin Paige. Maeve, the best baby in the world, likes playing "SOOO Big." Get all the details.

16 July 2003
Lilly celebrates the Fourth, worries her parents; Maeve just keeps smiling.
Lilly picks up some bad habits, comes up with some VERY interesting names for her dolls, and has loads of fun with summer visitors. Get the whole story.

02 July 2003
Maeve is all smiles;
Lilly taps into post-modernism.

Over the last few days, Maeve has become much more aware of her surroundings. Lilly's creativity extends not only to her art, but to her choice of names for her teddy bear. Find out more.

26 June 2003
Nanny and Grandpa come for a visit.
Maeve is adored and Lilly is spoiled during the whirlwind weekend.

15 June 2003
Crumbcrunchers is finally on-line!
Despite all the excitement 'round here, I managed to get an all-new site design out the door. Catch up on the last month's developments: Emma (aka Maeve) drawing her first breaths and Lilly getting used to the big-sister thing. Photographs of the blessed event and assorted spring activities are up as well.

If you're looking for LillyWeb, it IS still on-line but no more updates will be forthcoming. Crumbcrunchers is now your source for all information pertaining to the Hall girls.

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