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Jan/Feb Monday :: 01 January 2006
When we finally finished the playroom, Lilly announced that it was "the best thing ever." The half-price Target Christmas garlands and lights that we used to decorate the ceiling (and conceal the plumbing and electrical infrastructure) gave the room the lustre of a high-school dance. Lilly just said it looke like a party. I overheard them playing kitchen later and (apparently based on our recent Little House in the Big Woods bedtime stories) told Maeve that she was cooking "deer soup."

Neighborhood cookie delivery: Lilly had decided that she wanted to take Christmas cookies to Betty and Penny. First stop was Betty's house. She had prepared a small sit-down snack for us and we chatted about her repainted dining room. I mentioned that the paint looked and nice. Lilly immediately piped up, "it's lovely." Then on to the Roberts' house. Penny, Sarah, Molly, and Maggie had gifts for the girls and they imediately tore into their Hello Kitty sets. Later Maeve asked to see Robin's study. Referring the numerous stuffed deer heads, she said "I want to see the scary animal heads."

Monday :: 02 January 2006
It was my last day of Christmas break so I wanted to do something special with each of the girls. I took Maeve out to breakfast. She was an angel and shoveled her "cancakes and seerup" with great gusto. In the afternoon, I took Lilly to see the Wallace and Grommit movie. Not sure what the hightlight was, but I suspect that it may have been the kids snack combo.

Maeve's lastest move in her never-ending battle to exert her will over her big sister is to push Lilly over (there's less than 10 pounds between them) and lay on top of her. She laughs hysterically, Lilly screams hysterically. Today, Maeve decided that her Bitty Baby is not simply named Baby as she has been forever. Now her name is "Ballet."

Monday :: 05 January 2006
We should have paid attention to Lilly's repeated requests for bangs. Today she came home from school with exactly that. When Mrs. Teeter's back was turned, she hacked at her hair and managed to give her self bangs. Lisa called me at work in tears. There certainly was no joy in Mudville when I got home, but I must admit that she didn't do a half-bad job. Lisa called her mother to express her distress. Her mother reminded her that she did exactly the same thing when she was Lilly's age.

Saturday :: 07 January 2006
Maeve quotes:
  • "I called Momma." (When I go into her room in the morning.)
  • "I want a party dress." (Directing what exactly she wants to wear.)
  • "Peace out." (Flashing her index and middle fingers when asked how old she is.)
  • "I doing it." (As Lilly walks out of the room after telling her "Don't touch Alice.")
And one from Lilly: "I don't want to relax, I want to have fun."

Saturday :: 14 January 2006
We slept in and Lilly took Maeve into her room to play. Later, our door bursts open revealing Maeve in all her glory. She was naked except for her diaper. To accessorize her pudginess, she had on a purple boa, a gauzy tutu, sequined high heels, and a plastic lei. She looked like nothing if not a tarted up cherub. In the afternoon we went to the Overture center for a performance of Anansi the Spider. During the play, Maeve whispered to Lisa, "I like being here." Later she got a bit obessessed with the dirty-spider game. We tried to keep her quiet during the performance, but we had whole lot of "bite YOUs" over the next few days.

Saturday :: 21 January 2006
We had some snow over the night, and the girls were clambering to go outside for hours. They played in the front yard making snow angels while I plowed the driveway. Then we went in the back yard and attempted to construct a snowman. The packability was pretty poor so we ended up with a midget about 18 inches high. The girls were pleased anyways. I was cold but was only able to lure them back inside with promises of hot choclate.

Thursday :: 26 January 2006
Maeve was not a good girl at daycare today. When Lisa picked her up, Ms. Angie looked quite haggard. Maeve wouldn't listen at all, threw two screaming fits, and eventually was sent to Ms. Denise's office. Apparently, most kids cave in when threatened with an office visit, but not Maeve. She laughed it off. It appears as though she relishes misbehaving — it's a game to see how much she can get away with. She was unrepentant, although she sweetly hugged and kissed Momma, while Ms. Angie was recounting her misdeeds. She was put to bed without any supper.

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